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How To Avoid Common Mistakes During Road Tests

A road test can be very tense, and you might be afraid of failing your test so many times that you'll never get on the road. However, the majority of road test failures result from making a couple of mistakes. As long as you avoid them, you're much more likely to pass.

Don't Perform Rolling Stops

A very common reason for a failing a road test is coming to a rolling stop. This is considered an incomplete stop and is common even for drivers who are very experienced. When you stop at a stop sign, you must bring your vehicle to a complete halt before continuing. Also, make sure to stop before the demarcation line. 

Use Mirrors Correctly

Make sure to use your mirrors properly when you arrive at a crossing. Use your mirrors and pay attention to the flow of traffic. Slow down your vehicle to the proper speed. Pay close attention to other vehicles. Even if you turn safely, failing to look properly can lead to you failing your road test.

Learn to Change Lanes

Always properly signal your intention to change a lane before doing so. Begin by looking to make sure it's safe to change lanes. Then, turn your turn signal on. Maintain the same speed while changing lanes and pay attention to other vehicles. 

Steer Properly

Something as simple as not keeping both hands on the steering wheel can be enough to cause you to fail a driving test. You will want to show confidence while driving, but trying to drive with one hand will increase the risk that you'll fail your test. Always make hand-over-hand turns to reduce the risk that your hands will slip.

Know When to Turn on Red

Know when you're allowed to turn right. When you're at a stop light, you may be allowed to turn right under some circumstances. There may also be a sign that instructs you not to turn right. Even if you're allowed to turn right, treat the stop light as a stop sign and make a complete stop before turning.

Be Alert

Make sure that you look alert as you are driving. If it appear like you are thinking about something else or fidgeting, you'll be less likely to pass the test. Focus on the task at hand so you're less likely to make a mistake. If you often find yourself distracted, make sure to take a practice road test with a driver training course.

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