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4 Tips For Becoming An Awesome Pilot

Paying for flight training is a way to not only change your career but to change your life. Being able to know how to fly can be a transformative experience, which is why you want to make sure you really dedicate yourself to your flight school training.

#1 Study Before Each Class

Your flight school will provide you with a syllabus and information about what you will learn during each class and lesson. Use that information to help you become a better pilot. In the days before a lesson, study and review the information that is to be covered that day. Study the material the flight school provided you with and do some of your own outside research as well. The more you are already familiar with the topic, the more you will be able to really dig in and go past the basics.

#2 Start a Pilot Logbook

Start your pilot logbook with your very first flight. A pilot logbook is a book that pilots keep where they log each flight that they every take. In your logbook, you want to keep record of the detailed information about each flight. You should write in your logbook after each flight. Having a logbook from the beginning will help you record your entire flight journey.

#3 Use Online Resources to Further Your Training

There is no reason why your training must be contained to the classroom. There are thousands of resources you can access online that will allow you to deepen your knowledge and understanding of flight. You can learn about flight techniques, you can learn about the history of flight, and dig into the differences in various types of aircraft. You can engage in flight simulators that will allow you to practice what you are learning. There is so much information you can access online to further your training. The more you understand, the better pilot you will become.

#4 Engage in Armchair Flying at Home

Armchair flying is where you take your checklist home that you go through before a flight, and you practice running through the checklist from your "armchair," which is pretty much anywhere you can sit down and work. Armchair flying requires you to engage your imagination, and it helps you build your muscle memory. Armchair practice will benefit your actual art.

To become an effective pilot, use online resources to further your training and study up before each class. Armchair flying will help enhance your real-life skills. Start a logbook with your first flight to track your journey.

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